Idiotic is a new kind of instrument.  Anyone can play it, and the sounds are just plain Idiotic!

Hours of piano lessons can be very boring.  Music theory can send you to sleep.  So now you can forget all that and just make Idiotic music instead!  Choose from over 20 preset sound banks, and hit the colourful keys to play.

There are so many sounds in Idiotic, and with the Pitch Control you can tune Idiotic away from conventional music to make it sound Idiotic.  Try moving the Pitch Control while you are playing for some very Idiotic results!


8 Super-Colourful Keys

You don’t have to be a musician to play Idiotic.  Anyone can play!  There are no complicated black keys to get in the way of your fun.  Just eight super-colourful and magical keys to play your songs, just like on a xylophone.

Idiotic instrument for the iPhone, iPod and iPad has 8 colourful keys that are super easy to play

20 Sound Banks of Idiotic Sounds

There are 20 sound banks in Idiotic – from barking dogs, opera singers, DJ Europe’s amazing vocals, a HonkyTonk piano, and lots of sound effects.  You can even play along with your favourite song on your iPod!

Idiotic instrument for the iPhone, iPod and iPad has 20 soundbanks

Pitch Control

Tune Idiotic with the Pitch Control, or move it while you play for some truly Idiotic sounds.  Turn it all the way up for some really high pitched fun, or all the way down for sloooooooooooowwwwwwwww sounds!

Idiotic instrument for the iPhone, iPod and iPad has a pitch control slider

Not Idiotic enough for you?

Press the Idiotic button and EVERY NOTE will be OUT of TUNE!  There’s no way you’ll play in tune with this button pressed!

Idiotic instrument for the iPhone, iPod and iPad has an Idiotic button that makes every note out of tune! 

Stroke it!

Idiotic likes being stroked.  If you hold two or more keys at once and stroke up and down the keys, Idiotic will start to stutter and make some really Idiotic noises.  Tickle the keys and enjoy the crazy Idiotic sounds that come out!


Idiotic is the world’s silliest instrument!

  • Over 20 sound banks to play with – hundreds of sound possibilities
  • Pitch control so you are always in, or out of tune
  • Simple, colourful keys.  Anyone can play!
  • Idiotic button.  Press this and you’ll never be in tune again!

Videos of Idiotic in action

New! Is this too Idiotic for you?

Idiotic being played DJ Europe!

This Fight sound is just Idiotic!

Welcome to the most Idiotic Farmyard in the world

Now try with the Idiotic button pressed