DJ Europe makes songs about washing machines and more. Christmas, the environment and many more classics also feature.

Some of his near misses include the Washing Machine song, the Dishwasher song and the Can Can. Not only that, we have the Vitamix song, Christmas Bells, Love Song the wonderful environment ballad My Space.


Euronation Album

All of DJ Europe’s songs in a single YouTube playlist. Press play, stand up, bounce around and party to the magical sounds of techno music!




Washing Machine

The Washing Machine song. Also available as an app for iOS.



DJ Europe loves to blend with his Vitamix(tm) blender.



Dirty dishes are boring so DJ Europe wrote the Dishwasher song


Fridge Freezer

Cool, cool, cool. The fridge freezer song is always cool.


Can Can

Kick your legs up in the air. DJ Europe’s version of the Can Can.


DJ Europe had a Farm

Just like Old MacDonald, DJ Europe also has a farm.


My Space

A song about the environment and climate change.


Heads and Shoulders

Heads, shoulders, KNEES and toes!



A song about the uniting power of music. One vision, one nation.


My Love Song

DJ Europe loves you. Especially on Love Day.


Ping Pong

Everybody play the game. Go insane. Play ping pong!


Christmas Bells

The best Christmas song ever written. By DJ Europe.


Can Can (Party Mix)

Jump up to the remix of the famous Can Can.


Can Can (Shouty Remix)

DJ Europe just won’t stop shouting on this version!